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Male Gromming

Male Grooming encapsulates all beauty treatments related to hair removal. 

Waxing, sugaring, trimming (or clipping), shaving, tweezing, threading, electrolysis hair removal, laser hair reduction and, surely, there will be a few more treatments, all to keep your body smooth, and with that, looking younger.

Most treatments are temporary, which means your hair will grow back, just like going for a haircut. 

For some of us, waxing will be great, though for some of us,

this will not be the most suitable treatment. 

If you are unsure, talk to us, give it a try and then you will know if this treatment is for you. 

If not, talk to us and, surely, we will find another treatment to remove all unwanted hair.



People have been removing their hair for centuries. Persians and Egyptians would use a rudimentary waxing method as they saw hairless bodies as the epitome of beauty.

And nowadays we go the extra mile to keep young, clean and smooth!

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Intimate Waxing

Many of us are looking to look younger and tidier. 

Intimate waxing is for us who just want to have a hair-free butt and balls. 

You might not think much about it, but people do notice if you have an uncontrolled bush when you are naked at the gym or just getting lucky!

Clean and smooth!

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Trimming is a temporary hair removal technique where we cut your hair as short as you like as to go.

Perfect for us who love a bit of hair or are not able to tolerate waxing. 

Better do it here than make a mess at home and look like a patch panda!

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Hair Removal

A permanent hair removal technique best for the smaller areas of the body like beard shaping, ears, eyebrows, underarms, and nipples and to get those grey hairs laser cannot get!

We need a few sessions but the hairs should be gone forever and ever!

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