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Marcio da Rosa, Therapist at MenCare UK

Because We Care!

Welcome to MenWax UK & MenCare UK: Where Men Get the Care They Need

Discover the ultimate male grooming experience with MenWax UK & MenCare UK.

Enjoy a range of treatments, from male waxing and male intimate waxing to laser and electrolysis. We also offer other beauty and aesthetic treatments as well as diverse massage styles - Thai Yoga, Swedish, Hot Stone, Relaxing, Aromatherapy and more.

Rejuvenate and feel your best with MenWax UK & MenCare UK

@ MenCare UK
we work on all levels of existence

Physical  |  Emotional  |  Mental  |  Intelligible 

Do you want
to impress
your dates & special friends?


For you alone or bring your partner and learn the basic moves of massage.


You can make it as you like, relaxing, passionate, or therapeutic. You ask, and I'll give you a few moves. 

Please keep in mind there is no certification. This is a leisure course for you to impress your friends, dates or partners.

About Marcio
Marcio da Rosa, Therapist at MenCare
Marcio da Rosa, Therapist at MenCare

Hi! My name is Marcio

And I'm here to help you. 

I am a fully qualified Beauty Therapist with eight years of practice. Having done many courses in Body Therapy, including Holistic Massage, Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga, I can help you in diverse ways. 

From solving back problems to relaxing to correcting posture, making you look ten years younger with hair removal or finding a new way of thinking. This includes helping you with your life goals and wanted change.

Just embarking on my counselling course. Need to talk?

  • Learn a few moves to impress your partner, dates or friends.

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    2 hr

    200 British pounds

MenCare offers a variety of appointment options to meet your individual needs.


We offer one-off appointments for those who need occasional treatment or consultation. We also have discounted subscription packages for regular appointments.


These packages provide a discounted rate for a set number of appointments over a period of time.


With MenCare, you can always find an appointment plan that works for you.

Looking for a last-minute deal?

25% OFF - regular price*
Join our group and be the first one to know.
The first to book it gets it!
* Discount doesn't apply to laser treatments

Looking for a change?

I'm here to help you in your

personal (and professional) development.


Talk to me. I'm qualified in Voice, beauty, gym instructions, Yoga, and counselling skills. 

Know what you need?
Join our programs.

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