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Telling our friends that we care about ourselves is not a conversation that we bring that often. We many times prefer to hide behind football or xFactor!

But, more and more, we are finding the courage to talk about ourselves with our friends and many times hair removal or enjoying another treatment comes up as something we share or we are looking for. 

Most of us now trim our hairs, wax our backs, take the hairs from our ears and nostrils and feel good about it. 

Many of us understand how important is to relax and the "healing" power of a massage has to our body and mental health. And we are sharing how good it feels with our friends. 

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We are therefore asking you to help pass the word and recommend MenCare UK.

We are a friendly boutique business that has your care in mind. 

We make people at ease and we do not care if you are straight, gay, shemale, fully changed woman, white, black, green or from another planet! We welcome everyone with open arms, as you well know.

We promise to respect people's privacy, though if you know anyone who, in conversation or that you know this person might just benefit and enjoy our services, then, please leave his/her email on the referral form.

As a thank you, we will give you a 15% Total Spending Voucher of the first product or service they buy. We will also add you to our Referral Prize Draw where you can choose a 60-minute massage of your choice. 

Your referral will also get a 15% discount on their first buy.

Thank you for your continual support,

Marcio da Rosa

Camberley, Surrey, England

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