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This Christmas, I would like to present you with a 15% Discount Voucher for your next treatment. You have to book until the 5th January 2022, though you can book your (as many) future treatment(s).

Happy Christmas and thank you for your continuous custom. 


Promotion only applies with the Coupon Code and advance payment. Bookings without pre-payment will be charged at the normal rate. There is no limit to booking numbers.

Promotion doesn't apply to Packs or Subscriptions



with the code:  15DISC2021_A10

Coupon valid until the 5th January.

is now available

Christmas is all about sharing.


Why not present your friends and families with a treatment?

If you know anyone who would like a treatment, then click on the picture bellow to take you to our Gift Card page where you can add your present sum and leave your lucky person's details.



From waxing to trimming, plucking, defeathering, shaving, etc. Talk to us, we might just do it!

Clean and Smooth! I'm game!



Massage Treatments

From a relaxing Swedish Massage to "love the pain" Sports Therapy and Deep Tissue. Try the new world-famous Thai Yoga Massage or the Hot Stone Therapy. 45 minutes to a localised massage, reaching two hours, or why not combining a few treatments?

Face Treatments

Certainly my favourite treatment, with a facial you will be blubbing of so much relaxation! The full cleansing routine, nourishing creams and special treatments to the different kinds of skin conditions, give it a try and fall in blubber love!

Hands & Feet

Yes! We men also take care of our hands and feet! Well, a few still have to wake up, but we are enjoying the pleasure of relaxing while someone else - me! - cuts your nails, file and buffer them. Soak those Hands and Feet and scrub them with salt, or use an Oil Treatment to take all that oil, paint and others, leaving your hands feeling like silk!

Yoga  & Thai Yoga Massage

A must! Everyone needs yoga! EVERYONEEEEE

An even better, a Thai Yoga Massage, where I do all the work for you. Just bliss.

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& Exercise

Fancy doing some exercise with me at my residential Fitness Studio? Great! Lets get moving! Healthy snack after!

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Body Treatments

We have a selection of treatments to help you with your skin. From a gentle exfoliation to ACNE treatments. Talk to us.

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