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Unisex Retro Waterproof Sports Duffle Bag

ROLY Turbo Gym Bag Sports Holdall Waterproof Duffle Bag 

Ready for your workouts? Nothing will stop you with the Turbo sports bag. Turbo has a durable nylon fabric and a side compartment so that you can carry your basics with you all day, from work to gym, or wherever you go.

This bag has a cylindrical design, made of polyester with nylon handles. The capacity is 30L so you can fit in plenty of your sports kit. There is a zippered side pocket so that you can organise your items as effectively as possible. The side compartment is particularly handy for keeping shoes, football boots or any other shoes in. The bag also has a waterproof outer so you can keep your kit dry, especially if you are keeping swimming kit or towels in the bag.

The size of the bag is 28cm x 56 cm and it is made out of 100% polyester. There are three colours available including black, shocking pink and royal blue and they are machine washable.

Extra Product Details

✔ GYM / Sports Bag
✔ Holdall Duffle Bag
✔ ROLY branded
✔ 30L
✔ Cylindrical Design
✔ Zippered Side Pocket
✔ Waterproof
✔ 28cm x 56cm
✔ 100% Polyester
✔ Black, Royal Blue and Pink