Working for... you!

Through the years, I met many wonderful "yous".

Wonderful people who I shared welcomes, how do you dos and our very personal happy, and less happy, life episodes.

I believe, as someone dear to me put it, much was shared because I seem to be "the perfect person to tell secrets, as you will not remember anything at the end of the treatment"! I do say, please do not be offended if I ask you what you do for a living every time you come around. I'm those typical men who cannot think on what to do, command my body to do it and still retain information! Just too much for my tiny brain! 😅

The most amazing thing from doing this job, is, of course, all the smiles I get at the end of the many treatments, even the challenging ones like hair removal.

"I look younger!" "Much better!" "Delighted!"

Only once I was asked to put the hair back when we went too far too soon! - I'm joking of course, though we are known to want more and more done, which means, less and less hair! "Welcome to the club" - I say!

More than making us look like a hairless babe, it is the massage therapy that gives me the most satisfaction.

Is like moving meditation. I love when you tell me that I have a calming effect, even been told that I'm a healer! I love even more receiving your messages saying "how better I [you] feel" or that you "can look back when reversing again! Hurra!"😯

By the way, I promise never to use your hair for witchcraft!

It has been a pleasure to serve you and to carry on serving you. You have inspire me to further explore my education in the wellness sector. Hair removal, massage, recently Thai Yoga Massage - my new favourite, hands and feet treatment - posh for manicure and pedi - facialssssss! ah! Facials are delicious! Yoga, meditation and so on.

I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.


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