We are MenCare!

After so many years of not finding what I needed, I developed MenCare UK.

We have all the services us men want without feeling that we might get our nails polished or girly eyebrows! That said, we can do that too if you just want them that way. We have a lot of pride for being inclusive.

MenCare services the man who are more aware and wants to take care of themselves. This doesn't have to be a full pamper ending up looking like Ken - barbie's toy boy, for the youngsters who might not know who sexy Ken, or ActionMan are!

MenCare is here to help you with your hygiene by removing your hairs in undesirable places, make you look younger with the multiple treatments for our skin and hair removal, plus helping us look good with those extra hands & feet treatments, a wonderful massage.

MenCare, is not just about the body. MenCare is very much about the mind too. Marcio is a qualified yoga teacher and yoga therapist which means, Marcio can help you with yoga Counceling, yoga exercise, breathing, focus, mindfulness, meditation and more!

We are delighted to meet you at your place and take your treatments to you.

We recommend mix and match our treatments so you can benefit in multiple ways from our services.

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