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Throughout the years, I been training in multiple industries.

I have a Bmus Honour in Singing, which means I can work with you in voice projection, speech, your public presentation, presentation skills, personality development, and related.

I completed most of the beauty courses allowing me to working in male (and female) grooming, including hair removal, electric hair removal and laser hair reduction treatments; facials and electric facial treatments to treat different conditions; hands and feet treatments; I was even trained in make-up, which can, not also help women looking amazing, but also help men to just cover certain flaws in our skin, something that might just make the difference to our presentation and confidence - just took at politicians! they all use a minimum of make-up.

In massage, I trained in our well know Swedish, a wonderful mainly relaxing massage, plus lymphatic draining, a gentle massage to promote the flow our our plasma through the body, therefore said to help detox our body; I learned a variation of hot stone therapy, as well as massages which include essential oils, or aromatherapy. I also invested in sports massage, a massage which include deeper strokes and stretching.

In the exercise department, I have finished gym instruction and personal training and, though I can coach you in using machines and spot you, I left this side of my career to complement my other skills, as yoga toke centre stage. I found it less stressful to the body, more enjoyable to the mind.

Yoga is so interesting - for me a kind of complete and simple education system, which cleverly help us to understand how our body, emotions and mind work in our favour and, sometimes, not so. I've just finished the first part of my big course in Yoga Therapy.

Yoga Therapy is everything one needs to live life properly. From diet, to exercise, to feel good tips. Represents millennia of empirical experimentation and, nowadays, masses of new scientific research. Yoga Therapy knowledge and techniques are now being used by ur brain and body sciences. Our Tri Doshas and the links to our gut microbiome, personality, energy levels, potential health problems, etc. Maitri and other concepts now being use in CBT, NLP and other areas of psychology. Karma and the concept of purpose in life.

I can help you navigate through all areas which are causing you stress and anxiety and together help you find your way. If not more, I can make you look younger, sexier, calmer, relaxed, cheerful, could even help you feel tearful of soooooooo good you feel after my treatments! That's a bit big for me, but I did have wonderful people thanking me for helping me change their life. The best compliments one can have.

What is your plan?

Marcio da Rosa

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